The biggest part of being a responsible homeowner, aside from paying monthly bills, is home maintenance. Plan your budget every month to allow money for upkeep around the house. Some home maintenance tasks can end up turning into costly repairs when ignored. Here are a few important tasks to stay on top of.

1. One of the Most Important Home Maintenance Tasks is Protecting Against Infestations

Wood-destroying insects like termites and carpenter bees will not only leave their droppings everywhere, but they will eat away at wood and other materials in your home. Don’t fall behind on pest control. Take measures to prevent pests and pay attention to signs of these insects around your property.

2. Check Your Foundation

Keep an eye on your home’s foundation. Whether you have a basement, crawl space, or your home is built on a slab, cracks in the foundation lead to serious issues if ignored. Openings in your foundation allow moisture, wood-destroying insects, and even radon into your home.

And, in worse-case-scenarios, cracks in the foundation can cause damage to the structure of the property. If you have a yearly checklist for home maintenance tasks, make sure examining the foundation is on it.

3. Don’t Put Off Fixing Leaks

Any water leaks need to be taken care of as soon as possible. A leak won’t stop on its own and it will usually worsen over time. Look for signs of leaks in the attic. You might notice water stains on wooden beams or damp insulation. Take steps to prevent plumbing leaks and repair any dripping faucets or leaky pipes to protect cabinets, plumbing, and belongings.

4. Caulking Can Easily Be Replaced

You’ll find caulking around sinks, bathtubs, showers, and other areas that are prone to getting wet. Caulk is a barrier so the water doesn’t damage the drywall and wood frame underneath. You will notice if the caulking is starting to crack or peel. Replacing old caulking is a home maintenance task that helps you avoid water damage.

5. Keep Your Deck Protected

One of the easiest home maintenance tasks is sealing the wood on your deck. Sealing a deck preserves the wood and keeps moisture out preventing mold growth, mildew, and decay. Damp or rotting wood also welcomes termite infestations. Repairing or replacing a wood deck is much more expensive than sealing it every summer.

6. Home Maintenance Tasks for the Roof and Gutters

The roof and gutters are your home’s main protection against the elements. Have your roof inspected on an annual basis to make sure there aren’t any issues that could damage your home. Hire a professional to clean your gutters or tackle the project on your own. The gutters and downspouts should be cleaned at least twice a year to make sure water is flowing away from the home.

7. Home Maintenance Tasks for Your Home’s Exterior

While you may think of it as a home maintenance task that you do only for aesthetic reasons, keeping the exterior of your house in good condition protects the frame from damage. Repainting or pressure washing is a lot more cost-effective than replacing weather-beaten siding.

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