Moving With Your Family Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

Moving is usually both exciting and stressful for everyone involved. There are a number of things you can do to make it a positive experience. As you gear up for the big move, check out these tips to make moving with your family easier.

1. Make a Plan

People often make hasty decisions when scrambling to meet a deadline, so be sure to plan your move in advance. Sit down with everyone and write up a list of steps to complete for moving.

Assign simple tasks for your kids who are old enough to help out. When kids stay busy, they’re less likely to cause trouble or slow down the pace. Arrange a babysitter for younger children.

2. Discuss Moving With Your Family

Family members of all ages will benefit from a sense of closure, but this is especially true for children. Children easily become attached to houses, yards, and neighborhood friends, so leaving these familiar things behind may cause anxiety.

In order to help your children feel excited about moving, sit down as a family and talk about your new home and neighborhood. Involve the children as much as possible in planning, packing, and the actual move.

3. Organize and Label Boxes

When many family members are involved in the packing process, it’s hard to find things when it’s time to unpack. Establish a labeling system so that it’s easy to locate items when you arrive at your new home.

This system may include color coding according to which room the box belongs in and writing the contents on the outside of each box. Put items that aren’t frequently used at the bottom of the boxes.

4. Declutter With the Whole Family

Declutter before you move so you don’t waste time and space moving unwanted items. The more you can pare down your belongings, the less you’ll have to organize, pack, and unload later on. Before packing, go through everyone’s things for clothing that has been outgrown and other items that are no longer used.

5. Make Moving With Your Family Fun

It may feel like a struggle to remember to have fun, but it’s often as simple as creating a playlist with everyone’s favorite songs or ordering pizza. Turn your move into a festive occasion that your family will enjoy.


Moving with your family is bound to be hectic at times. You can reduce stress by planning together, making lists, and discussing the move ahead of time. Once you’ve gotten the preliminary steps out of the way, declutter as much as possible and then pack your boxes strategically. Last but not least, make it fun!

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