An ideal way to get the perfect home for your family is to have it built from the ground up. Many people choose to go this route because they can make decisions about the features and everything will be brand new.

However, some people make the mistake of assuming that new construction is flawless. If your builder offers a warranty, it’s a good idea to order a builder’s warranty inspection before the warranty expires.

Order a Builder’s Warranty Inspection Before It’s Too Late

Even if you ordered an inspection during the construction process, certain systems and components might not show any defects until they are used in the home. The 11th month of your builder’s one-year warranty is the last chance you will have to hold the builder accountable for repairs.

Once the year is up, the homeowner assumes all responsibility. This is a major reason why you should order a builder’s warranty inspection from a qualified third-party inspector.

Save Money By Having The Builder Make Repairs

Homeowners know that certain repairs can be costly. Having a trained eye inspect for problems may save you a lot of money in the 11th month of homeownership.

Spending a few hundred dollars when you order a builder’s warranty inspection is a small price to pay to make sure there are no overlooked issues that the builder is responsible for under the warranty.

Preserve The Resale Value

If you decide to resell your home someday, it is likely that the buyer will conduct a home inspection. If you don’t take advantage of getting things fixed under the builder’s warranty, these issues will remain and eventually be noted in your buyer’s inspection report.

The buyer will then most likely try to negotiate with you about the issues, even if they date back to a mistake made during construction. When you order a builder’s warranty inspection, you stand to keep your home in better condition so it is easier to sell.

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