After being closed up all winter, your home needs a good spring cleaning. However, some areas in your home are forgotten during spring cleaning. Read on for some commonly overlooked spring cleaning spots and how to clean them.

1. Light Fixtures are Overlooked Spring Cleaning Spots

The light fixtures above your head collect dust and dead bugs. When we clean chandeliers and the globes of the light fixtures, the dirt that was trapped will fall onto the floor. This overlooked spring cleaning spot should be at the top of the spring cleaning checklist so it’s completed first.

You may need to unscrew some fixtures from the ceiling and soak them in hot, soapy water. Clean off all ceiling fan blades and switch their rotation to summer mode, which is counterclockwise.

2. Under the Tables and Chairs

The underside of the tables and chairs in the dining area are some of the most overlooked spring cleaning spots. Spiderwebs often collect in the corners under tables and chairs and sticky fingerprints can wind up under the edges of the dining room table. Get underneath to wipe everything down, and then sweep or vacuum the floor.

3. Overlooked Spring Cleaning Spots Under the Sink

We usually only open the sink cabinets to grab things we need within reach. Most of us don’t bother checking out what’s in the back near the plumbing. You may find old empty bottles of surface cleaners or dirty sponges.

Take everything out of the under-sink cabinets and get rid of things you don’t need, then scrub out the empty cabinets. This is the perfect opportunity to check for water stains that could be coming from a slow leak. Fix any plumbing leaks before they cause mold growth.

4. Door and Window Frames

Door and window frames can be difficult to clean. These are overlooked spring cleaning spots that are known to gather dust and go unnoticed. Use a damp rag to wipe the tops and sides of the door and window frames. Do this early in the spring cleaning process, since you want to move from top to bottom.

5. Toothbrush Holder

You might wipe the outer part of the toothbrush holder when you see it getting dirty but forget about cleaning the inside, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria. Regularly soak the entire holder in hot soapy water to kill germs.

6. Cleaning Supplies are Overlooked Spring Cleaning Spots

Cleaning tools are among the most overlooked spring cleaning spots and yet they do most of the cleaning work. The scrubbers, dusters, brooms, brushes, and wipers all accumulate dirt while cleaning your house. If they are not cleaned off, they can end up spreading dirt around your house as you try to clean.

Sanitize all your tools, and rinse and leave them to dry before using them again. Don’t forget about the toilet brush and plunger; it’s not fun to clean them, but it needs to be done to keep your bathroom sanitary.

7. Remote Controls

Everyone touches the remote control and it probably rarely gets cleaned. To clean your remote controls, remove the batteries and wipe using a clean cloth and disinfectant.

Many homeowners have already started their spring-cleaning routines but neglected some of the areas discussed in this article. If you have any overlooked spring cleaning spots in your home, go back and clean them.

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