Many homeowners focus on the comfort and aesthetics of their home, but it is also important for a home to be healthy and safe. There are many unhealthy substances and dangerous risks that could exist in your home. Follow these tips to make your home healthy and safe.

Keep Your Home Healthy by Cleaning

You may think your home is clean. However, the goal of cleaning is not just to make the home look great but also to eliminate health hazards in the home. This includes things like dust mites and mold, which can exist in hard to reach places.

Use HEPA filters in vacuums to help them work more effectively. Deep clean your home often, launder bedding and drapes, and have mold professionally removed.

Detect Dangerous Substances

Smoke detectors are basic yet important devices for keeping your home healthy and safe. Replace the batteries every six months and the detector itself when it’s ten years old.

Don’t neglect carbon monoxide detectors. They also need regular battery changes and eventual replacement of the whole unit. Any home with appliances that burn gas or wood should have a carbon monoxide detector.

The above precautions are fairly common, but many people overlook radon. It’s a radioactive gas that can seep into your home through the basement or crawlspace. Have your home tested for radon to make sure it is healthy and safe.

Prevent Mold for a Healthy and Safe Home

Many common strains of mold affect respiratory health. They could be the cause of someone’s persistent coughing, sneezing, or congestion. Keep your home healthy by not just cleaning up mold, but also by preventing it. Use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture and keep the air circulating inside the home.

Filter Your Water

Most people drink the tap water at home. While you may assume your home’s water is clean, there are often chemicals and pollutants in municipal and well water. The best solution to this problem is to install a water filter.

There are different types of filters that remove various contaminants. Research which contaminants are a problem in your area and choose a water filter that works best for your home.

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